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DOT HAZMAT Security Awareness

Terrorism is a part of our everyday world these days. In an effort to fight terrorism and improve the security of hazardous materials being shipped, the Department of Transportation has added three major security requirements to their HAZMAT regulations. Companies that handle hazardous materials must develop a security plan, and give their employees security awareness and in-depth security training. Our training products on DOT HAZMAT Security Awareness were created to help employers provide their employees with the security awareness portion of the DOT training. These products give employees an awareness of the security risks associated with transporting hazardous materials.

DID YOU KNOW Since 9/11 HAZMAT Security Awareness has been ramped up. Since then trucks that carry hazardous materials such as gasoline and butane have been used as "missiles" over seas as part of terror attacks. The federal government in the United States has stepped up efforts to protect our trucking industries by spending close to a billion dollars on programs and training to protect hazmat trucking.

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