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Computer Workstation Safety

A majority of the workforce today sit at a computer 8-10 hours per day. It does not matter what title or position you are, a computer is a main performance tool to the masses. And just like any other type of equipment, we need to know what potential problems may be involved in working with computers as well as how to use computers safely. Among our OSHA Safety Training Series we have "Computer Workstation Safety" which reviews the safe use of computers, and offer practical solutions to many potential problems. From our training products, you can learn about organization of work materials, maintaining "neutral" positions, avoiding and relieving muscle strain and much more. It's your "ergonomic" knowledge source!

Computer Workstation Safety is based on rules and standards to make sure you have a workplace that is safe. Computer Workstation Safety is important because not only is it making sure you employees understand the importance of good posture, learning to minimize repetitive strain, and muscle aches caused by sitting at a desk the whole day, it's also is an economic issue for the employer. Good ergonomics has been shown to reduce costs, improve productivity and improve overall workplace quality.

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