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Back Safety

Throughout your lifetime, your back has probably given you issues. Whether its been stiff and tight, you twisted it wrong or even have nerve issues, it has bothered you. This is especially for employees who sit at desks for long periods of time and/or deal with heavy objects throughout the day. Our training products on "Back Safety" emphasize the importance of overall back care, both at work and at home, including exercises and weight control. We cover topics such as what the most common types and causes of back injuries are, effects of back injuries, proper lifting techniques and much more. Our training products not only educate you about the back but also focus on preventative care. We also have pamphlets posters and more to pass the word on about Back Care.

Back injuries are usually caused by repetitive motion injuries such as twisting, turning, lifting improperly or even no movement at all such as sitting at a non-ergonomic desk for hours and hours a day. Another factor that is not always thought of is weight. Controlling ones weight, can and will ease stress on the vertebrae, relieving alot of back pain they may have been attributed to other factors.

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