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Oil & Gas

For any company that works with or deals with gas, oil or other petrochemicals, there are particular OSHA mandates that you and your company need to follow to stay OSHA compliant and most importantly, protect your workforce. We offer a line of reference and learning materials that will not only help you navigate the laws and regulations mandated by OSHA for Oil and Gas industry but will help you decipher these regulations and let you know what must be done to be in compliance with the OSHA regulations. Your goal should be to protect your workers and not spend time decoding regulations and laws. We want to help!

Though it doesn’t get as much press, there are approximately 450,000 workers employed in the oil and gas extraction and support industries. The injury and death rate is seven times greater than all the other U.S. Industries. There has been a push recently to tighten regulations and provide for detailed training for workers and employers to identify and eliminate hazards in their workplace.

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