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DOT / 49 CFR Standards

Transporting Hazardous materials, anything of a hazardous nature or just being in the transportation business in general, it is very important to understand and follow all the guidelines set down by the Departments of Transportation (DOT) regarding any form of transportation and any type of transportation related security. CFR Title 49 is just this standard regulation that supports this. Whether its running a general trucking business or transporting hazardous materials by any mode of transportation, there are specific federal guidelines that regulate these actions and must be followed. Our DOT DVDs/VHS for Federal Motor Carriers, 49 CFR Hazardous Material Regulations, DOT Compliance & Compliance Kits, will ensure that you are and will be kept well informed of these important and ever changing regulations.

DID YOU KNOW? Whenever you order one of our DOT Compliance Kits you can order a 3 Year or 5 Year Update Service with it? This means you'll be able to stay up-to-date with the current regulations depending on which year interval you choose. You'll receive our new book and/or CD every time they are printed. Each book contains a what's new section, so you can quickly identify changes in regulations.

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