Trauma, Casualty & Moulage

The goal of a majority of first responder and EMT training is being able to replicate a real life trauma condition. Having not only lifelike mannequins to use to diagnose problems an/or preforming CPR but also to be able to perform and replicate real life injuries, bloods, cuts and bruises with what is called "moulage." Being able to place mock wounds and injuries for training purposes gives a trainee the sense of what they will first encounter when they come across an accident victim. For this, we not only have fully stocked moulage kits but also full body trauma victim manikins to use with the moulage kits. Being able to create a bloody accident or crime scene that can turn your stomach, is the ultimate goal for full realism during instruction.

DID YOU KNOW? Creating bodily injuries for a crime scene or accident through the art of moulage is not just something any layman can do well. There are actually Casualty Simulation Applied Arts courses that have revolutionized traditional medical moulage techniques take the art of realism to the next level. Who better to be experts on this than the military. These courses have been carefully designed under the technical guidance of a military and civilian medical advisory counsel along with military medics..

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