OB/GYN knowledge is unique and hands on training and learning is a must in that field. We have a line of OB/GYN and Birth Simulators from our Total Childbirth Education Station and Pregnant Woman Model to our Pelvic Examination Simulators, Palpation Modules and our popular NOELLE Birthing torso. Each of our simulators and manikins provide a teacher or student lifelike feels and features that are needed to truly learn any of the obstetric or gynecological techniques.

One of our more popular and economical OB/GYN simulators is the NOELLE Birthing torso. This equipment is designed to teach and train all facets of the childbirth. This full-size upper and lower female torso comes with removable stomach cover and one articulating birthing baby with umbilical cord and placenta. The automatic birthing system rotates the baby as it moves through the birth canal. Allows you to measure head descent and cervical dilation. Features multiple placenta positions and has many other features and accessories. Best bang for your buck!

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