Nursing Skills

When we go to the doctor's office, we assume that that the medical personnel are pros at the types of procedures they may be performing, whether taking blood, giving shots etc. These medical personnel have had to go through many hours of practice. Realistic teaching of procedures such as how to perform a tracheotomy, any type of ostomy, catheterization or something as basic as injections, placing sutures or taking blood pressure are now much more readily available. That is where we come in. We offer lifelike nursing skill simulators and manikins that raise the bar for teaching and learning the skills that someone in the medical field will need to use on a daily basis. Our reallife simulators and manikins are created and developed to be as realistic as possible to teach advanced skills such as ostomy care, female/male catheterization, arm/leg sutures, geriatric and pediatric care or even to bandage stumps.

Have you ever wondered how nurses, caregivers and doctors are able to master their craft in many emergency techniques? One task, bandaging can be learned on our authentic life bandaging simulator, "Surgical Sally" Bandaging Simulator. This is a readily available "patient" with 14 surgical wounds including a Mid-Sternal Split with two simulated drains, an ulcer , and a leg amputation stump. The skin has also been reformulated so it is drier, allowing the bandages to adhere better. Surgical Sally is a replica of a 29" x 17" female. Special vinyl formulations have been used to create the most lifelike look and feel possible. The flexible, flesh-colored skin realistically responds to adhesives and all types of bandaging procedures. Very nifty and hugely useful!

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