Teaching and learning anatomy of the human body is both fulfilling yet very in depth and complex. We offer a slew of anatomical models, torsos and simulators to hopefully make this much easier to comprehend with hands on experience. Our anatomical teaching and learning aids are for students of all ages and all levels. We offer everything from birthing simulators and simulators of women just about to give birth, to fully muscleized torsos and fracture imaging simulators. You cannot beat Lifesize and lifelike teaching and learning!

One of the more popular and lifelike simulators is our Advanced Childbirth Simulators. This simulator can be used to demonstrate most of the standard obstetrical procedures such as fetal palpitation, breech birth, normal birth, C-section delivery and more, Features include a removable diaphragm cover and removable stomach cover for manual positioning of fetus; lifesize pelvic cavity with all major anatomical landmarks and a hand-painted outline of the bony pelvis; ultra-soft vulval insert for episiotomy exercises; and simulated dorsosacral position for realistic delivery technique. All parts in this simulator are replaceable.

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