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SmartTab™ Woven Bandages Refills

When you need an emergency sling, tourniquet, or even a bandage for the head, we have our Smart Tab Woven Bandage. This triangular sling bandage with 2 Pins is very strong, durable and can be used in a pinch for serious emergency such as using it as a tourniquet to stop profuse bleeding. And because is it part of the SmartTab Ex Refill system, you will be alerted when it is time to reorder. Always keep on top of the issue with our Woven Bandages and SmartTab Refills!

Three Ways To Use a Triangular Bandage - A triangular bandage is a large triangle of cloth, usually made of a loose-weave cotton cloth, and is used in first aid. It can also be called a ‘cravat’ (French for necktie) because it is sometimes folded to the shape of a long narrow band, for certain uses. This type of bandage has many applications:

  1. Folded as a thick rectangle of cloth, the cravat can be placed over a large wound. In this case, it functions like a trauma pad, absorbing blood and helping to stop bleeding.
  2. One folded cravat can be used as a trauma pad, and a second cravat can be used to wrap the wound and trauma pad. In this usage, it functions like first-aid tape, to hold the trauma pad in place.
  3. If a victim has an injured arm, a triangular bandage can be used as a sling, to support the arm in a bent position over the chest.

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