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Heavy Use Industrial Stations

For those times or places when you need more than your typical first aid kit or cabinet can handle, we have our 3-shelf heavy use Industrial Cabinet. This is a cabinet that is a heavy use, steel first aid cabinet that contains additional items that are needed for extra protection for minor cuts, scrapes and abrasions. All cabinets are super heavy duty, contain a booklet and can be used in places that use heavy machinery such as auto shops, machine shops, construction sites and more. Bigger and stronger is always better!

Make sure if you are on a job site, in a machine shop or anywhere else that workers are dealing with heavy machinery, that you get a Heavy use Industrial Station. Because of the type of work being done, an employee or worker will most likely be needing the extra protective first aid supplies that come within our Heavy Duty First Aid Station. What is a little scratch for you can be a very deep abrasion or laceration for someone at a job site. Besides having extra protection first aid supplies, the cabinet itself is super heavy duty, to ensure maximum protection at these sites.

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