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Ultralight / Watertight Kits

Keeping your supplies dry and protected from the elements is a top priority. Our Ultralight/Watertight kits feature the proprietary DryFlex™ bags for the ultimate in ultralight, waterproof storage. This is designed for the multi-sport athlete that refuses to be let down or weighed down by his or her gear. From cleaning wounds and dressing blisters to treating muscle aches, pains, and symptoms of allergic reactions, the Ultralight/Watertight kits pack alot for being compact. The re-sealable DryFlex™ watertight bag enables you to carry it in the outside pocket of your PFD where you can get to it quickly, and it remains watertight use after use. These can be used on short jaunts or for longer excursions.

The Ultralight/Watertight Kits are one of our most popular because of their versatility. Ultralight & Watertight .3 is the one many have chosen because it can pack a bunch of gear and first aid supplies yet will not weigh you down on short excursions. This can include multi-sport athletes, kayakers, mountain bikers or hikers. The re-sealable DryFlex watertight bag enables you to carry on the outside of a backpack and will remain dry yet easily accessible. After use, it can be sealed up to prevent moisture in-take. A fantastic bang for your buck!