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Trucker First Aid Kits

Truckers have one of the more isolated, lonely jobs in any industry. Though they enjoy the quietness of the open road, they need to be prepared in case they face an accident or roadside emergency and injury. Our Truckers First Aid Kits are a trucker's best friend when they face emergency situations. Our jam packed kits include gauze pads, tape, ointment, CPR face shield and eye care products. They are all stored in a very durable plastic case with a gasket so it can take a beating and still keep the contents dry and intact. Being a Trucker can be a lonely job but that doesn't mean you shouldn't always be prepared for anything and everything.

Trucking injuries can come in all shapes and form so one should always have a first aid kit handy - preferably our Truckers First Aid Kit. The most common injuries for truckers are: slips, trips, falls strains, sprains, getting struck by another vehicle and collisions. Always be prepared for any type of injury, especially while working in the trucking industry!