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Designed to be very useful while you travel, our line of Travel Kits will help ensure that an injury or illness will not ruin your trip. Especially traveling abroad, you should always be prepared for the unlikely emergencies that can pop up while traveling, such as stomach ailments, dehydration pain, allergies or the typical bumps and bruises that can occur. Mini travel kits such as Dental Medic and Pocket Medic can be quick and accessible for those particular ailments while kits like Adventure Medical Smart Travel Kit and World travel kit, are much more comprehensive versions, loaded with first aid supplies. Your journey should be about experiences not dealing with ailments. Always be prepared!

Our Adventure Medical Smart Travel Kit is the perfect kit for any excursion, especially abroad. It has all the essentials you would need for traveling anywhere, including supplies for pesky blisters, medications for stomach ailments, electrolytes to rehydrate and a large assortment of other supplies such as bandages, moleskin and pain medication. This kit contains enough first aid and medical gear for 1-4 people for 1-7 days.

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