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Standard First Aid Kits

Don’t know what type of Specialty Kit to get? Grab one of our Standard First aid Kits which cover all general first aid injuries. This is what you would use to keep in your car or closet or even office to treat minor injuries that are not related to any specific workplace injury, sports injury etc. We have softsided standard kits, auto standard kits, and even a unitized standard kit. Overall, It has just about everything you need for a wide variety of first aid needs. Don't fret, just prepare!

Don’t know what type of first aid kit to get? Do you need a sports kit, or an auto kit, a even a heavy duty home kit? Why don’t you try our Large All Purpose Large 187 Piece First Aid Kit. Its perfect for all those potential emergencies at home, in your vehicle, outdoors or even on the water. With a new generation soft kit material, it is easy to carry and stow away in most cubby holes, under seats and in bags. Supplies are easy to find in patent pending, clear-pocket pages. It's your "Joe Friday" of kits and packs a good first aid punch.

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