Soft Pack First Aid Kits

Our softpack first aid kits come of many shapes and sizes including Mini Kits all the way up to fully packed Coaches and Sports First Aid kits. All of the softsided or "bag" first aid kits are still packed with top of the line first aid supplies and can be stored at home, in the car or even be carried with you on outdoor excursions such as camping and boating. Check out our first aid kits by manufacturers such as First Aid Only, Adventure Medical Kits, Lifeline AAA and more. Besides All Purpose kits, we have softsided kits for auto emergency kits, travel kits and of course boating and marine kits. They are soft, yet hardy and durable. Always be prepared!

Large yet durable and portable. That is what can be said about our 205-piece large Softsided Outdoor Kit. Packed with all the first aid supplies you would need for outdoor excursions such as hiking, camping marine and watersports home and auto it can be carried in a bag or backpack very easily and the contents are organized for easy retrieval for minor scrapes, bumps and bruises to more serious emergencies.

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