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School Bus First Aid Kits

Every school bus in the United States needs to meet the OSHA Minimum standards for first aid on a school bus. We have the kits to do just that. Our School Bus First Aid Kits, have first aid supplies to treat any type of injury that could occur on a school bus. From bumps and scrapes to having a child getting something in their eye, we have the contents like wipes, gauze pads, bandages and even eye drops to help alleviate any discomfort a child may have on a bus ride.

Since the initial development of consistent school bus standards in 1939, many of the ensuing changes to school buses over the past 75 years have been safety related, particularly in response to more stringent regulations adopted by state and federal governments. Ever since the adoption of yellow as a standard color, school buses deliberately integrate the concept of conspicuity into their design. When making student dropoffs or pickups, traffic law gives school buses priority over other vehicles. In order to stop traffic, they are equipped with flashing lights and a stop sign.

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