Pool & Lifeguard Kits

Swimming Pools are one of the most fun places for the families to spend a Saturday afternoon, swimming or just lounging around. They also can be one of the more dangerous places to be around. Be prepared for any poolside accident from scrapes, bumps and bruises and eye irritation to performing CPR on someone who is unconscious. We have Pool and Lifeguard kits by Urgent First Aid that will help you with all of these injuries, emergencies and much more. Including whistles, sunscreen, insect sting relief and a one way CPR makes, our kits cover the gamut when it comes to pool side emergencies.

One of the best designed and well stocked swimming pool first aid kits on the market is the Urgent First Aid Swimming Pool & Lifeguard First Aid Kit. It has anything and everything you'll need around the pool. It even includes a whistle to call for assistance, protection and treatment for insect bites, minor cuts, scrapes and eye irritations. In addition, our lifeguard kits provide a CPR one-way valve face shield to protect rescuers from contaminants when performing CPR.

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