Outdoor First Aid Kits

We all love the outdoors (well most of use do) and we love to do activities to keep active such as hiking, biking camping, hunting swimming, playing sports etc. We want to make sure you stay safe and are prepared when and if an emergency rears its ugly head. That's why we have one of the largest lines of Outdoor First Aid Kits available. We have a first aid kit for any activity you can dream of and each of these kits are stocked with everything to treat injuries or annoyances you could come across out doors. This includes, gauze, wipes, sting relief, bug repellant, bandages, moleskin and much, much more. You want to carry a first aid kit, but it needs to be light and compact? We have plenty of mini first aid kits, bags and medic pouches. If you are a guide on an expedition we have the perfect kit for you - the Adventure Medical Expedition. With kits covering all sizes and contents you cannot go wrong with us!

A perfect outdoors first aid kit to use for a quick family outing or a weekend is the Adventure Medical Weekender kit. It is designed for trips ranging from a weekend camping trip up to a week-long trek. With Easy Care organization, it is simple to find the right supplies to administer medical care, and the compact, lightweight design doesn't weigh down a pack. This is the perfect balance between affordability and portability that will handle most backcountry emergencies.

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