OSHA & Bulk First Aid Kits

Our OSHA Compliant and bulk first aid kits have the essential items per ANSI 2009 Specifications and contents and are organized for fast access and labeled with clear directions by injury type. Both plastic and metal case are available for most types of kits. Our bulk kits have been designed to serve as little as 10 people up to 50 people so they are great for the office and workplace. We also offer Wall cabinets and first aid stations that are made to serve 200+ people. Each of these cabinets are stocked with essential first aid supplies and even have liners to add extra space if need be. Makes sure to keep your workplace compliant and have an OSHA compliant first aid kit or station!

For small offices of about 10 people, our 10-person ANSI First Aid Kit would be a great asset for workplace injuries. It has the essential items needed to follow the ANSI 2009 specifications for first aid kits and has organized contents for quick access. It has clear and concise directions by injury type, so there is not too much thinking involved in case there was an emergency. Besides having supplies for major injuries such as gauze and trauma pads, it also has items to aid in minor injuries such as bandages, ointments, towlettes and bite relief pads. This and much more is packed into this kit. Be sure to also become OSHA compliant by having the kits accessible (or even multiple kits) to all employees within an acceptable distance.

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