Kids' First Aid & Child ID Kits

Children are most precious and we abhor the thought of them getting injured, suffering or getting lost. We want to make sure they are healthy, laughing and having fun. To make sure that we can help on all of these fronts, we have products that can help injured children, enable us to locate or identify themif they are lost and when children are hurt, make them chuckle a bit. To help out, we have products such as our line of Fun Bandages by Accoutrements. We also have a fun line of first aid kits for children by Medibuddy with Animal Friends on the packaging. Finally, though not fun but very important is a Child ID and Records Kit, used to keep with a child in case they get separated or lost. Besides these items, we have a slew of other child first aid products to help take the "sting" away from any injury your child may endure!

Getting hurt isn't fun but every once in a while a product can help to at least take the sting out of a child's owie. We have Mad Libs Bandages which are essentially fun in a box! The popular fill-in-the-blank word game meets the first aid world in the form of Ouchie Bandages. Kids can create their own mini story about their trip to the doctor’s office which is a quick way to cheer them up! They are perfect for little emergencies anywhere including a trip to the doctor's, nurses or even at home. The kids will laugh their boo-boos away! 

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