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Hunting and Fishing Kits

If you are or know someone who is an avid hunter, fisherman or sportsman, then you know those hobbies have their dangers. We have a line of specifically designed first aid and emergency kits to treat the injuries of hunters and fishermen that they are most likely to sustain. Our fishing and hunting first aid kits, bags and medical supplies range from simple "day-on-the-lake" waterproof pocket sized outdoor first aid kits to full blown field kits for hunting and fishing tours. With brands such as Adventure Medical Kits, SOL, you know you are getting the best designed and highest quality sportsman kits on the market!

For your most avid sportsman in your family, we have Adventure Medicals Grizzly Sportsman Kit. The Grizzly is designed for commercial or recreational hunters and fishermen on trips up to fourteen days long. The Grizzly contains supplies to treat the most common injuries, including penetration wounds from bullets or arrows, fish hook removal, splinting fractures, and stopping severe bleeding. You will also find a removable and waterproof Field Trauma Pak containing QuikClot, Swat-T tourniquet and a host of other supplies to take care of any injuries you sustain in the field.