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Golfer Kits

Whether you consider golfers athletes or not, they still can get injured while playing. Everything from moleskin for blisters, cleansing pads for scrapes and abrasions to lip ointment and typical bandages are all packed in our super portable Golfer First Aid Kits. You add in sunscreen, and sting relief and you have everything you need for all sort of golf-induced maladies. Unfortunately there is nothing in the kit to fix the clubs that you break or for golf induced anger.

Our Golf Kit is not only for use in your golf bag to use on the course when you have a minor injury, they can also be great gifts for co-workers or family members and even for a company promotion. Who doesn’t like a portable yet supply packed first aid kit that will always be in your golf bag when you need it? Think about this the next time you are having a hard time thinking of the right gift for you favorite golfer!

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