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Food Service Kits

One of the more hazardous places to work is a food service kitchens. With an abundance of ways to get hurt such as burns or cuts, we want top make sure that our kits were designed to cover any and all injuries someone working in the Food Service Industry could encounter. Our Food Service First Aid Kits and Food Service First Aid Cabinets were specifically designed to meet OSHA and Department of Health guidelines for places such as restaurants, food kitchens and catering businesses. We make sure to apply items such as gauze and Water Jel bandages for germs and the all important blue visible and metal detectable bandages which are such an important piece of first aid equipment when working with food.

Below are four of the top injuries that can occur in the Food Service industry (all of which can be treated with supplies from our Food Service Kits)

  1. Lacerations and Punctures - Due to frequent contact with knives, slicers, and broken dishes and glasses, restaurant staff members can often incur lacerations or puncture wounds.
  2. Burns - From boiling water to fryers and hot stove tops, heat and water burns also create another potential hazard for restaurant workers.
  3. Sprains and Strains - Misplaced or hard-to-reach items can cause worker injury due to overreaching or trips.
  4. Eye Injury - Splashes from grease or sanitizing chemicals frequently used in food service environments can result in injury to the eye.

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