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Compact First Aid Kits

The term "small but mighty" describes our line of Compact and Mini First Aid Kits. These kits are small and easily portable yet are packed with supplies to treat minor injuries or help you on hikes, camping etc. where having a big bulky first aid kit is not an option. With Compact First Aid Kits from the likes of Adventure Medical, SOL, and Guardian, you know they are well designed, easy to use and always made durable. All the kits, such as the popular Pocket Survival Pak, Survival Pal and Medical Wound Kit are easily transportable and can be accessed in a snap. Always be prepared!

One of our favorite Compact Survival First Aid Kits is the SOL Pocket Survival Pak. This small but mighty first aid and survival pak contains a collection of survival tools for when you find yourself abandoned, stranded, or lost in the outdoors. Keep it in your pocket or somewhere on you because you can't use it if you ain't got it. The Pocket Survival Pak is for backpackers, hunters, pilots, snowmobilers, hikers, or anyone who enjoys the great outdoors!