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Tags, Tape & Tarps

To make sure a Triage area is run properly and functioning at its highest levels, it needs to be properly "taped" and tagged. We have the proper Barricade, Danger and Caution tape to make sure the Triage area is properly designated.  We have different colored tags, so each victim can be tagged properly, with different colors that can represent different priority levels. We always have the supplies that you need to have a well run Triage Unit!

Triage areas can be very chaotic areas, especially after a major disaster. When patients are being brought to the area by stretchers, carried or even wheeled there has to be an organization system in place to aid in the prioritization of patient injuries so they can be treated properly and efficiently. One of the more important things are the triage tags. Why are triage tags important? The obvious answer is: They allow medical personnel to indicate the priority of the patients, which provides a snapshot of the patient's medical condition at the time triage is performed. Tags also allow the providers who are moving patients to the treatment area to locate and move the most critical patients (e.g., the "reds") first.