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Triage Stretchers are carried by medical personal for use in out of hospital care situations. They provide stabilization and a way for medical personal to quickly and easily transport a patient to a destination: either an awaiting medical transport or to a triage area. We carry multiple stretchers, backboards and accessories to use in conjunction with a stretcher to ensure a patient is fully stabilized. Whether it is a solid backboard or flexible stretchers that can be rolled up for easy transportation, we have you covered, so you can easily move victims throughout a triage area or incident command post.

The scoop stretcher is used for lifting patients, for instance from the ground onto an ambulance stretcher or long board to be taken to hospital or even triage area. The two ends of the stretcher can be detached from each other, splitting the stretcher into two longitudinal halves. To load a patient, one or both ends of the stretcher are detached, the halves placed under the patient from either side and fastened back together.