During a natural disaster or any other type of emergency, one needs to have tools for many different types of scenarios, such as cleaning, fixing broken pipes, having to pry a jammed door open, etc. We have many useful, multifunctional tools to help you during times like these. We have the All in One tools (12 in 1, and 14 in 1 ) Multifunctional Tools, we also have wrenches, pry bars, brooms, portable generators and more. If you need a tool, we can get it for you!

Electricity seems to be the first utility to go during any sort of natural disaster so having a portable generator to minimally bring back the power is almost a must especially in areas like "Tornado Alley." One of our more popular generators, 13 HP 8000 Watt Portable Generator has an EPA approved gas engine type OHV forced air cooled, 4-stroke engine, 120 volt 60Hz & 240 volt UL grounded receptacles. It has two outlets and an industrial 5.5 gallon extended run fuel tank with fuel gauge and can deliver 8,000 watts surge, 6,500 watts continuous. It can be continually operational for 9 hours at 1/2 load power.

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