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Misc. Shelter & Sleeping Items

Keeping out of the elements while camping or more importantly, during a natural disaster, and staying reasonably comfortable is a tough task and sometimes it takes more than just the basic "shelter" items like a tent or blanket. We have the other elements that can be complementary to your basic shelter and sleeping. This can include, everything from foot/hand warmers and general warmer packs to mattress pumps and an American Red Cross Shelter/Weather Pack. Never be under prepared!

With the American Red Cross Shelter/Weather Emergency SmartPack you can protect yourself from the elements. This pack features a rain poncho, reflective emergency blanket and hand warmer. This is one of the more basic and useful emergency packs out there in case you find yourself in a predicament out in the elements. You can't function for a long time if you are not protected against the cold, rain, wind or any other weather element out there. Always be prepared! 

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