Pet Emergency Survival

You always want to protect and make sure your family is safe. This also includes the furry, four-legged family members. We have everything you need to make sure you can help your sick or injured pets (dogs, cats an horses etc…) with our pet emergency first aid and supply products. Our kits are designed for handling minor first aid emergencies and stabilize them until you can reach a vet for treatment. With brands such as Me-Ow, Bow-Ow, Sporting Dog, Mayday and more, you know you are set to help your furry family friends!

Besides First Aid, we also offer Pet "Catstrophy" Kits that , in case of an emergency or disaster, is not only used to help treat an injured pet but also to keep them comfortable during these times. For example, the "Dog-Gone-It" Emergency kits include but are not limited to, food, blankets, light sticks, chew sticks, leash, water and anything else an owner could use to treat, entertain or just make sure the scared pet knows its ok.

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