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Solar / Dynamo

Its always good to have a flashlight or lighting of some type wherever you go, such as at home, in your car or out hiking. Multifunction lights provide some extra use features that are helpful and can be much more efficient. We have products such as the Dynamo 4 in 1 Flashlight with Phone charger, Combo LED light and radio, and even waterproof handheld lighting that is self powering. All-In-One lights let you leave items such as portable radios, phone chargers and even batteries at home which makes your load much more efficient.

Talk about having an All-In-One tool, our Dynamo 4 In 1 Flashlight is packed not only with 3 strong LED light beams, but also as an am/fm radio,  emergency siren and even a cell phone charger! There is a hand crank system so it is self powered (no batteries) and can have 1 LED light last for 1.5 hours with just one minute of cranking and have all 3 LED's last for 30 minutes. Winding it for 3 minutes will give your cell phone 2-8 minutes of talk time - perfect for when you are trying to contact someone for help during an emergency. This is a fantastic tool for whereever you are: home, automobile, RV, boat, office, and school. Did we mention it doesn't need batteries?