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Light Sticks

Light and glowsticks can be fun but also at the same time are very useful if/when you get yourself into a predicament. Glowsticks/lightsticks can be a quick and easy way to light an area with full brightness if you were ever to get stuck and stranded without something strong like a flashlight. We have the old fashion glowsicks, which you "crack" open and illuminate. We also offer Lifegear glowsticks that provide long lasting LED light plush have four safety signaling modes and a stack of other fun yet useful glowsticks, wands etc. Never get caught in the dark!

Life+gear has put a different spin on the glow sticks by providing not only long-lasting LED light but also adding features such as four safety signaling modes: This includes Color glow stick, Color flasher, Bright white flashlight and Whistle. These are battery operated and can be used for everything from Halloween trick or treating and camping to hiking, sleepovers and also to be used in an emergency situation, such as signaling rescuers, if need be.