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Flashlights are your portable lighting best friend. Any type of lighting that you can procure during a blackout or blackout induced by a natural disaster is of the utmost importance, not only mentally but also for survival as it is difficult to stay calm in the pitch black. That is why we have a huge line of emergency flashlights and glow sticks: Flashlights, LED Lights, Glowsticks and Multifunction Flashlights are just a few of the types of emergency lighting we offer to help light your camp and anywhere you are bunkered down, just while you are trying to navigate to safe ground or just to the bathroom. We light the way for you!

It is common knowledge that having light or a light source of some kind is very useful, not just during a disaster but also during everyday life. Workers who are exposed to some sort of natural light during the work days while being in a windowless environmental on the average sleep comfortably 30 min. more a night than workers who are not exposed to any type of natural light during the work day. It can also be said that during the winter months, the lack of light can also have a negative psychological impact on everyday life and can lead to depressive states during those months versus the longer days of the summer months. Let there be light!