Lighting & Heating

During a disaster, being able to see so you can set up camp, navigate to a safe spot and also making sure your core body temperature stays at a safe level are just a couple of the more important tasks to being able to stay comfortable, functional and survive a natural disaster or other type of emergency. We are your one stop shop for all disaster preparedness materials, specifically light and heating products. We have everything you would need from flashlights by Dynamo (multifunction and LED), lanterns and nightsticks, foot finger and body warmers and even top of the line fire starting material by SOL. Lighting and heating are important tenets of disaster survival (or even comfortable existence) and we want to help you make sure you are prepared!

When having to deal with a disaster or emergency situation, especially in colder and wet temperatures, one of the most important items for survival is keeping your core body temperature at a good level. Using blankets, coats and jackets are great uses but something that can have direct contact with the skin can also be very helpful. Our HEAT PAX warmers can be of help. They deliver up to 20+ hours of air activated heat and relief from the cold. They are an effective defense against the cold. They work great inside Vests, Blankets, Backwraps or neck ware. Being able to last almost a full day, they can be a huge help when needed!

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