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Toilets & Chemicals

In an emergency, or even when outdoors, you want to be prepared to make sure you dispose of your bodily waste properly, to reduce exposure to germs, bacteria and anything else that can make you sick. Besides having portable toilets and folding port a potties, we also carry chemicals to bio-break down your wastes, such as Bio Blue and Bio Green, bags to dispose of your waste, emergency underwear in case you couldn't wait and even some disposable travel toilets. Though it may not be something you necessarily want to think about, treating your waste properly is one of the more important tasks you need to do when staying stationary either for fun or not so fun reasons.

Tips for waste burial during a disaster or even camping: 60 to 70 adult steps (200 ft) from an encampment or water source is ideal (if you use backyard, you just go as far as you can). Besides concerns for water and smell, there is the real concern of flies and other pests spreading contamination. It isn't pleasant to think that the fly that is dining on the other end of your corn cob just dined at the latrine. Bacteria travel by air or by touch, be it with dusty winds or the legs of a fly or the hand of a friend. Always place your waste site away from and below the level of any water source or drainage that leads to a water source. If you have a nice spring on your survival site, never place it above the spring. Like water, shite rolls down hill. If it rains where will it carry things? Think before you dig.