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Personal Hygiene Kits

Whether you are vacationing, hiking, camping or even after a disaster, a problem that arise when a group of people are enclosed together is the spread of germs and bacteria that could be expunged with proper hygiene. After a disaster, secondary problems can arise because lack of sanitary equipment or facilities. Simple sanitary tasks such as brushing your teeth, washing your face and even washing your body with a wet cloth can help not only prevent the spread of disease but can also help relieve the stress of the current situation. Being prepared with sanitary personal hygiene equipment is a must!

One of our most popular Hygiene Kits is our Deluxe Hygiene kit. The kit includes anything you can think of such as mirrors, maxipads, comb, oatmeal soap, 8-pack shower in a bag, anti-bacterial wipes, tissue packs wet naps and a whole lot more important hygiene kits products. Always be prepared to stay safe. And clean!