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Misc. Sanitary & Hygiene Items

Simple sanitary tasks such as brushing your teeth, washing your face and even washing your body with a wet cloth can help not only prevent the spread of disease but can also help relieve the stress of the current situation. Being prepared with sanitary hygiene equipment such as portable toilets, bio-waste digester, and hygiene kits can help make a very uncomfortable situation a bit more tolerable. We have any personal hygiene and sanitation supply you can think of from portable toilets, personal hygiene kits, and soap, to bio waste digesters, portable toilet bags, toilet paper, toothbrushes and of course antibacterial soap. Always be prepared and stay safe!

Improper hygiene or a lack of sanitation when you're part of a disaster is one of the key contributors to hundreds of thousands of deaths throughout the world each year. Although most of these incidents occur in third-world countries, recent history has shown that even in short-term disaster situations, major sanitation issues can quickly escalate into huge health problems. Combine that with a lack of medical services and you’ve got some serious problems.