Airborne diseases are some of the most frightening because you just can't see what could infect and make you extremely sick. We have a personal protection kit for just these types of airborne illnesses and infections, our Protective Pandemic Flu Kit. This kit has everything you need to protect yourself from possible infection when entering an area with known contamination. It contains masks, head caps, alcohol wipes, safety goggles, hand sanitizer, gloves and a handful of other products whose main goal is to keep you protected from contact and infection.

How Will I Know when a Flu Pandemic has started? - The World Health Organization (WHO) maintains a global surveillance system of circulating influenza strains and a Global Influenza Preparedness Plan. Once a new influenza A virus develops capacity to be sustained by human-to-human transmission in the general population, the WHO declares that an influenza pandemic is in progress (this is known as the "Pandemic Period"). In the event of a pandemic, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services /Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will coordinate support and intelligence with U.S. public health departments regarding the pandemic situation in the U.S. and in foreign countries.

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