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Are You Ready if a fire breaks out in your house, your school, you place of employment? Everyone knows you need Fire Extinguishers and Smoke/CO2 Alarms, but what about other fire supplies to protect goods such as fire document bags, fire ladders to escape from top floors, fire retardant blankets to help guard against the fire among other items? We have all of your Fire Fighting, and Evacuation supplies here and we're ready to help you in a moment's notice. Don't be caught flat-footed when a fire starts. Be prepared and ready with our fire and evacuation products!

Something you may not think of initially but it could be a life-saver when you live in a multi-story house, is our 3-story, tangle-free Fire Ladder. It is very easy to use and quickly attaches to any window. It's fully assembled so you don't have to worry about putting it together and is very compact for easy storage. It features Steel Rung Stabilizers, Dupont C Nylon Strapping and Wide Sill Hooks. It can hold of to 1,225 lbs. if necessary.