Barricade Tape

To make sure you can barricade off any type of danger area, crime scene, area of caution (such as an elevator shaft), safety hazard area or even a triage area, we have multi colored Danger and Caution tape for your use. The tape is made to be strong yet flexible and comes in rolls of 300 ft. and 1000 ft. This is the kind of tape that is often used as police tape, firefighter tape or traffic control tape. For fun these tapes can also be used as party and Halloween decorations.

OSHA has set color-coded regulations for barricade tape colors per 1910.22 and 1920.144. These include:

  • Red / white = Fire Protection and Prevention
  • Black / White = Marking Aisles
  • Magenta / Yellow = Radiation Warnings and Hazards
  • Green / White = First Aid and Safety
  • Blue / White = Defective Hardware
  • Orange / White = Traffic Cautions
  • Black / Yellow = Hazards "
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