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Survival Mini Kits

Survival goodness can come in all sizes. Our Guardian Survival Mini kits prove that size doesn’t always matter. This compact survival kit is packed neatly into a durable travel size bag. It is perfect to keep in the office, in classrooms, at home, or in the car. There is also a children's version which can be kept next them at all times because it's compact and can fit in storage such as backpacks. No matter where you are, always be prepared!

A mini survival kit is intended to be carried along all the time and is usually designed to complement other survival tools carried along in a larger, separate bag. These kits may be referred to as BOATs, or Bug-Out Altoids Tins. Many items included in this type of kit are definitely difficult to obtain in real world survival situations. A mini survival kit is intended to remain with someone always, be appropriate to all environments, and be a comprehensive kit without being too large.

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