Communication during an emergency is so important because it could mean life or death if communication is lost or muddled. Whether it's communicating position, talking to rescuers, using a bullhorn to alarm would be rescuers, or even using a signal mirror to get the attention of help, we have all the communicative equipment you need for an emergency. Always make sure you are prepared for any and every situation!

You would think that for a First Responder, their most important piece of equipment would be some type of medical tool, medical supply, AED or even the vehicle they travel in. When a poll was taken, the overwhelming majority said that their communication devices where the most important piece of equipment that they couldn't do without. Whether its a ham radio, CB or cell phone, being able to communicate to a medical facility, a dispatcher or even to each other is of the utmost importance, not only to the safety of the patients that they treat but even to themselves. It can keep them apprised of any danger in their general vicinity or how to get to a victims house if GPS is off.

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