Stretchers are used to provide stabilization and a way for medical personal to quickly and easily transport a patient to a destination: either an awaiting medical transport or to a medical care facility. They can be carried by medical personal for use in and out of hospital care situations. We carry multiple stretchers, backboards and accessories to use in conjunction with a stretcher to ensure a patient is fully stabilized. Whether it is solid backboards or flexible stretchers that can be rolled up for easy transportation, we have you covered.

A Reeves Stretcher, Reeves Sleeve, SKED, or 'flexible stretcher' is a stretcher that is often supported longitudinally by wooden or plastic planks. It is a kind of tarpaulin with handles. It is primarily used to move a patient through confined spaces (e.g. a narrow hallway), or to lift obese patients. A Reeves Stretcher has 6 handholds, allowing multiple rescuers to assist extrication.

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