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Self-Closing Elastic Ice Wrap

An ice pad or compress that moves off of the affected area isn't very useful. You want to make sure that the compress stays in one spot, no matter what type of movement you do (short of running). Our Shur band ice wraps for ice/hot packs and cold compresses is just the tool you need to secure the compresses. Its premium graded bandage made with the highest quality materials, gives the best support and compression to make sure the compress or ice pak stays in place to help heal the affected area. Its comfortable, patient friendly and bandage holds together without pins.

Elastic Wraps, self closing wraps and medical gloves are among the medical type items that can cause discomfort among many patients because of latex allergens. Because they are so close to the skin, if tight in some instances, the rubbing and the material can cause irritation among many patients. For this reason, we are seeing many more latex-free medical products, just like our Shur Band self closing elastic wraps. We not only want to make sure its a high quality product that does its intended job but also make sure patients are not caused any discomfort while using it.

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