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Elastic Bandages

Our stretchable, elastic bandages are comparable to ACE bandages. They're perfect for creating localized pressure, supporting injured body parts, and holding dressings or hot and cold compresses in place. We have all different types and sizes of these bandages. They are perfect for therapeutic purposes after injuries, as a sports joint support (such as ankles, wrists and knees) and any other type of injury that may need support - even as a sling.

Elastic Bandages are great for wrapping dressings or ankle and wrist joints to help support them, especially after an acute sprain or twist has rendered them weak. There are a couple of No-No's though that occur quite frequently that need to be passed along. First, only wrap injured body parts for the first 24-48 hours after injury happens as they need the stabilization at that time. You should only wrap something as long as you would ice an injury. And secondly, do not wrap the injury too tight where you begin to see surrounding appendages turn purple or blue. Only wrap tight enough to discourage swelling to the area.