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Unitized Tablets

With Medicinals that are comparable to Bayer, Tylenol, Tums, Maalox and Ex Strength Tylenol and Advil, among others, we have tablet medications that can treat and relieve everything from a typical headache and nausea to heartburn, upset stomach, cold/ flu and even menstrual cramps. These boxes are color coded and unitized so they fit neatly into your first aid stations, and unitized first aid kits. Never run out of your medications!

WHAT IS SMART TAB EZ-REFILL? As you use your first aid and/or emergency preparedness supplies, SmartTabs will remind you to reorder the supplies you’re running low on. Simply use the information on the tab to reorder the correct supply. For individual consumers, it makes finding and refilling the right supplies—in the right quantities—a snap. For businesses, it simplifies the reorder process and saves you money—as much as 30%—over other restocking service models.