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Unitized Outdoor Items

When you make an outdoor excursion, make sure to keep your color coded unitized first aid kit stock with our unitized Outdoor items. Keep stocked with our emergency solar blankets that reflect back 90% of the body's heat when wrapped around a person. Never be left out in the cold! Also make sure to keep stocked with our unitized Insect Relief pads. Get relief form the pain and itching caused by insect bites and stings. When you are outdoors, you never know what you will encounter. Be prepared!

The unitized Emergency Solar blankets are fantastic for when you get stuck out in the elements, especially the cold. As mentioned, it reflects 90 percent of your body heat, but did you know that the silver reflective material on the outside can also be used to signal rescuers to your location? You combine these with the fact that it is also very useful in shielding yourself from water and wind, you have a very important emergency preparedness item that can be placed into a single unit unitized box. Amazing..