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Unitized Burn Care Products

Whenever someone suffers a burn, whether minor or a third degree burn, timing is of the essence. Being prepared to treat a victim of a burn can save that person a great amount of pain, suffering and permanent damage. We have a full line of unitized burn treatment and prevention items that can cover every instance of a burn. We have Color coded unitized packaging for easy to use single use items and easy to see notifications for re-ordering. From fire blankets/warps, and burn gels sprays to individual burn dressing in multiple sizes and any thing else you can think of that can be used in this type of an emergency. Always be prepared!


  1. (wrong) Application of cold butter to burned part - The cold butter will give you a cooling sensation in the affected part. However, when the butter melts, it becomes painful rather than having a soothing effect.
  2. (wrong) Using alcohol on burnt area to cleanse - it is good at cleaning other wounds but not burns.
  3.  (wrong) Using cold meat to cool the affected part - This is also an incorrect way to treat burns at home. Yes, the cold meat can have a soothing effect but it could also cause infections.
  4. (wrong) Pricking blisters for speedy healing - pricking blisters is also not advisable because it can leave a scar in your skin. Furthermore, pricking blisters will increase the risk of infections.