Unitized Bandages

Minor cuts and scrapes are annoyances yet also need to be attended to. We have a plethora of different sizes and shapes of unitized bandages to protect all kinds of minor scrapes, cuts and wounds. We have single and double unit boxes areas such as the elbow, the knee and spot bandages. Also included are unitized boxes of gauze pads, gauze rolls, butterfly bandages, plastic/fabric and just about any other type of bandage you can think of. We want to help you keep your unitized kit fully stocked so the easy to read notifications are there to remind you to refill. Be and stay prepared!

No matter how minor an injury is, one should always protect a minor cut, scrape or abrasions with a bandage if possible. Suitably it would be a bandage that is specially made for where your minor wound is. This could be your elbow, your knee, your forehead or even your pinky finger. Unitized Fabric bandages are especially useful in these situations especially if you are either an active kid or adult. They are made with a flexible fabric that moves with you but you can almost be assured that it will stay in place because of the strong adhesion. Since they are used often, having the single unitized box and notifications to refill, make it easy to manage and ensure you are also fully stocked with the needed first aid products!

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