Unitized Refills

It's always a relief to be able to refill something quickly and easily. We have a full line of unitized first aid items for replacement or for individual sale. Everything thing from unitized bandages, CPR products and bbp products, to eye care, ammonia inhalants, cold packs, burn care and much more. What makes refilling a snap is the color coded boxes fit neatly into your first aid stations and unitized kits plus there are notifications when you are getting low on an item - letting you know its time to refill. Never run out of an item!

What makes unitized first aid kits so easy to use? One of the most important parts of ANSI Z308.1-2009 is the standardization of colors on unitized refills. Because Bandages, Antiseptics, Burn Treatment, PPE and misc. items each have their own color coding, it is easy to recognize a product that you need to grab during an emergency or traumatic event. Every moment is important during an emergency so scrounging around an unorganized first aid kit wastes  precious moments and could be the differnce between life or death!

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